The Prince Islands are composed of 9 islands close to the shores of Istanbul. Among the islands that were used as exile places during the Byzantine period, Büyükada and Heybeliada came to life as the summer place of the emperor and the palaces. Since the Ottoman period, the Princes' Islands have been hosting the activities and minorities. The unique architecture and texture of the islands is the legacy of this cultural mosaic created by the years. Today, the islands are welcomed with peace of mind for their guests who want to look at Istanbul. Heybeliada, the greenest of the 9 islands, is the second largest island with a surface area of ​​2,35 km2. While the average population during the year is around 5,500, this number rises to around 30,000 summers. Halki, the Greek name of the island, which means "copper", comes from the copper mines operated in ancient times on the island; Aristotle speaks of these studies. The island was named after Heybeli in Turkish because of the shape of its hills and valleys through these hills which resembled the inin saddle Ada.



Visitors approaching the island by ferry can see the Greek Orthodox Priest School (today, a section of the Maritime High School) and the Değirmen Hill, which dominated the hill on which it is located, and the old windmill established at the top of the Water Sports Club. It forms the central area of ​​the island, the ferry port on the east coast and the sea bus pier located in the north, in the immediate vicinity. There are cafes and restaurants along the coastal path between these two quays. The main market street, which runs parallel to the coastal road, is an upper street just off the coastal road. Located on the southeastern tip of the island, next to the ferry stop, there is the main tower with two towers and the high school of the sea. just north of the piers are a small harbor for fishermen; fishing boats and private boats throw anchors here.

It is pleasant to make an island tour with the phaetons that depart from the phaeton stop at the center. The full tour starts by following the northern coast of the island and most of it passes through the woodland. Aya Triada Monastery and the School of the Middle School is located on the slopes of the hill of the hill of the Genoese observation towers of one of the old Genoese picnic and goes to the beach area. Then the skirts of the second hill-from the pine harbor until a very long way follows. Five monasteries, some of which have survived from the Byzantine period, are in the vicinity of this road.


Aya Triada Monastery and Seminary

During the Byzantine period, the most famous of the Manasbras at Heybeliada, then known as Halki, was the Hagia Triada, or the Holy Trinity. On the land of the monastery on Ümit Hill, there is a Greek Orthodox theological school (theological school) with the same name from the Byzantine monastery. The school was opened in 1844 and closed in 1971.


Terki World Monastery

Hagios Spyridon (Terki World in return) The monastery is located on the southwest coast of the island, and the giant crescent-shaped sheep, known as the Pine Harbor, is built on the nose that forms the end of the west. This small monastery was opened in 1868 by a young monk in Thrace, known as Arsenios as a sketch dedicated to St. Spyridon.Various restorations have survived to the present day.


Metamorphosis - Transfiguration Monastery

There is also a small monastery at the summit of Baltacioglu Hill on the southwestern tip of the island. This structure, which was founded in 1835 by a monk named Andonis Tsimas, also emerged as a mausoleum. It is only a small church and a house attached to it from the monastery; they both enjoy a fascinating view at the top of the hill.


Heybeliada Sanatoryumu

It is located on a cliff above the sea in Yeşil Burun, which forms the eastern nose of the Pine Harbor. In 1924; Dr. The sanatorium, founded under Sever Kamil, is the first sanatorium of Istanbul. It is now closed. Aya Yorgi - Abyss Monastery,


Aya Yorgi Monastery

(Hagios Georgios tou Kremnou) is a pink complex located just off the Naval High School Army House on the southern coast of the town. The monastery's title, "tou Kremnou" or "on the cliff," is due to the fact that the structure was built on a cliff overlooking the sea. It is thought that the monastery was built between 1583-93.

The above texts are compiled from www.adalarturizm.org.