1- Reservation and Payment Terms;

Please note that the reservation is based on a non-refundable payment of at least one night's full accommodation by bank transfer (Money Order/Eft) or credit card (Mail Order). No refunds can be made except for any cancellations or disruptions in the sea transportation due to severe Lodos wind and similar adverse weather conditions. Credit card installments cannot be made. Credit card installments cannot be made.


2- Check in and Check out times;

Standard check-in time is 14.30, standard check-out time is 12.00, but free early check-in (08.00) and free late check-out (17.00) can be provided according to room availability. In any case, thanks to the custodian room with communal shared bathroom in our facility, our guests can check in at any time on the day they start their visit, leave their belongings in the custodian room, benefit from the kitchen and courtyard with other communal areas and start to visit the island without wasting time. Likewise, the day on which he / she will leave, he can leave his belongings in the custodian room without any time limitation and benefit from the common areas.


3- Room Capacity;

All our rooms have double beds that cannot be separated. We do not have any extra bed options. Especially in our large rooms (Purple and Bordeaux Rooms), if you can use the same bed, accommodation for 3 people is also possible.


4- Breakfast Option;

We do not service breakfast or similar meals. If requested, breakfast service to our facility from outside is available for an extra charge. Breakfast prepared especially for our facility and the quality of which is controlled by us, can be left to door of our guest at the time s/he wants inside the special storage bag, hanging on the door of the room.


5- Daily / Without Staying at Night Accommodation and 18 Age Limit;

Daily / Without Staying at Night Accommodation service is absolutely and without discussion not provided in our facility.

Accommodation service without parental consent or companionship for the guests under 18 years of age is absolutely and without discussion not provided in our facility not provided.


6- Room Decoration;

No room decoration or similar services can be provided in our facility. There is no ban that guests can decorate the rooms, but burning candles indoors is forbidden.


7- Pet Admission;

No pets allowed except guide dogs for our disabled guests in our facility.


8- Cats and Cat Food Donation;

It is recommended that guests who may be uncomfortable with cats not to prefer our facility due to the cat population both in Heybeliada and our facility, which is the real owner of our facility and Heybeliada. In addition, regular health checks, preventive and emergency treatments, nutrition and sheltering needs of cats around our facility are provided in our private garden outside our commercial area. Our guests can only donate dry cat food if they want.


9- Use of Tobacco and Tobacco Products;

There is no prohibition on the use of tobacco and tobacco products in the legally permitted areas of our facility, including open spaces owned by the rooms.


10- Simple Complimentary Treats;

Our simple complimentary treats, which are available in our kitchen, consist of tea and coffee, ice and drinking water.


11- Minibar and Water Heater;

There is no minibar in our rooms. Among our kitchen equipment, common use refrigerators or thermos that can be taken to rooms and hot and cold beverage temperatures can be stored. The reason why there is not a minibar in our rooms is that if there was a minibar, it would be expected to be full of these cabinets, and in this case, the products would be paid for, and this would create a contradiction with our free catering approach. Our rooms have a kettle.


12- Free Internet Access and Television;

There is a free and unlimited high-speed (maximum 24 Mbps, average 12 Mbps) wireless internet connection throughout our facility and in our rooms. The TVs in your rooms are suitable for USB connection and work with Türksat satellite broadcasting.


13- Bathroom Materials;

In our bathrooms, there are disposable slippers, 2 pairs of body and hair towels, anti-allergic hair shampoo and hair dryer.


14- Room Cleaning;

For accommodations more than one day, free room cleaning is provided between 12.00-14.00.


15- Laundry Services and Ironing;

We have free laundry and drying service, but no ironing service. If requested, our guests can meet their ironing needs in the communal laundry room or in the room where they are staying.


16- Minimum Accommodation Requirement;

There is no minimum stay requirement, including special periods.


17- Special Discounts and Free Room Upgrade;

Special discounts and free room upgrading opportunity is available for our registered guests who stayed at least 1 time at least one year before the requested reservation date, for our guests staying longer than 1 day, the groups, civil servants, students and single (including guests under 18 years of age with parents) guests.


18- Heybeliada Tourism Map;

The companies that are in our tourism map are indicated for the purpose of recommendation. We do not have any commission or similar benefit agreement with the mentioned companies. The companies listed on the map do not include all Heybeliada enterprises. It is aimed that you apply to us in case of unexpected disputes that may arise between the relevant businesses and our guests and, if possible, we want to eliminate the guest victimization.


19- Informing;

We will provide you with information about location indication with various informative sms through your mobile phone number you share with us prior to your visit to our facility, explanation of our touristic map in detail when you come to our facility and all your requests for 24 hours during your stay.


20- Other;

Please do not hesitate to contact us via our telephone number +902163519804 which is open 24/7 to inform you about any issues that you may not be able to find above or you need extra information.